Travel Insurance


I. General Provisions
Subject to the provisions provided thereafter, Lao-Viet Insurance Company( In brief: LVI ) undertakes to insure foreigners ( including Lao citizen who resides in overseas ) travelling to Laos ( hereafter called the Assured ) include:

1. Subject to be insured Person.
a. Those who come to Laos for sightseeing, visiting friends and relatlative, attending international conferrence, seminar, congress, participing in sport and games competitions, artistic performance, going on a mission.
b.Those who are residing in Laos such as experts, workers, students, those who are working in the diplomatic delegation and in the international organization, and when they are traveling within the territory of Laos.

2.In case the Insured engages in exploration, dangerous performance, clycling, motor-race, horse-race sport and games of professional nature as football and boxing matches,  mountaineering, surf-riding…the Insured is only insured provided that an additional premium required by him has been paid to  LVI as specified  in the “ Premium Tariff and Insured Amount “


II. Scope of cover
- Bodily injury or death caused by accident.
- Illness or death not caused by accident during the period of insurance
- Within the meaning of this Policy, an accident which has occurred, due to the external event, beyond the will of the Insured suddendly affecting his body and is a proximate and direct cause of the death or bodily injury that the Insured suffers from.
- Loss or damage  to accompanied  baggage and personal effects reasonably attributable to the cause of Fire, Explosion, sinking, overturn, falling of means of conveyance.
- Loss of package of checked baggage in the course of travel.


III. Premium rate
As per LVI insurance Tariff below

For example :
- Sum insured :  20.000.000 kip
- Period of insurance :    10 days
- Premium is : (20.000.000 kip  x 0,015% ) x 10 days = 30.000  kip /10 days
- Registration fee : 10.000 kip
- Total premium to be paid : ( 30.000  kip + 10.000 kip ) = 40.000 kip/10 days

IV. Exclusions
LVI shall not be liable for :

1. Risks arising from the direct causes.
a. Willful violation of Law, regulations, rulesof travel agency, of local authorithy at theplace of travel, by the Insured.
b. Willful act of the Insured or his heir -at-Law ( who has the right to get a  compensation as per the Insurance Certificate or testament or according to Law.
c. The Insured is under the influence of alcohol, beer, intoxicating drugs, a narcotic or other stimulants and likewise.
d. War

2. Expenses incurred in the following cases, in accordance with the article 10.2 ..
a. The Insured falls ill with mental disease or pregnant ( except in case of miscarriage consequent upon accident ), or give birth.
b. The Insured is going to treat for wound or illness already before this insurance come into force.
c. Treatment or use of medecines which is not in accordance with the prescription of physician.

3. Loss or damage in accordance with the article 12 below.
a. Gold, silver, germ-stones, precious metal, cashes,travel cheque, checks, bonds and securities equivalent to thereto, Passport driver’s license,tikets,documants, drawings,designs.
b. Scratched and wet thingd without losing of its function of use.
c. Requisition, seizure or confiscation by or under of competant authority.As  per details specified in each items above (1,2,3) and as per LVI’s Travel  Insurance Wording for the Foreigners in Laos ).


V. Territorial limit of cover :Lao PDR    


VI. In case of accident, the insured must notify immediately LVI Tel: 020 2555666 & 020 99989666 - Marketing Hotline Tel: 020 23344666