Motor Vehicle Insurance


I. Subject to be insured
- All kind of Motor Vehicles when it faces with :
- Accident with regard to road traffic + accident outside of road traffic
- Accident Cover for the driver & passenger
- Own car damage + From theft+Glass breakage
- Natural disasters, Fire, Explosion and other Perils…..

II. Scope of cover
A = Third Party  Liability
- Bodily injury  to  the third parties such as death, injury, disability, permanent disability, partial permanent disability.
- Materials damage  to the third parties: car or property damage.    
I = Driver and passenger Cover
- Bodily injury, disability or death due to accident when driving on the road traffic, during they get into the vehicles or get off the vehicles.
C =  (C + D + EFG) = All Accident Damages: Collision, over turn, fire, tree falls down, glass breakage, burglary and theft (Need an evidence of that).

+ LVI Car = insurance for the damage resulting from a collision (car damage by collision with regard to the road traffic) Premium is 933,500 kip/year (Including VAT and registration fee). There are 3 options (with a deductible of 500,000 kip/accident).

+ LVI Km = insurance product of All  accident damages that are calculated by number of kilometer of running , with a discount of 55%, For 4-wheel vehicles that used since the year of production, less than 5 years old or 5 years of use, Period of cover will expire  depending on the number of kilometer selected or  for 365 days.

III. Premium rate
Cover A =  Third Party  Liability =  ( As per LVI tariff).
Cover I = Driver and passenger Cover = (As per LVI tariff).
Cover C = (C + D + EFG)
The premium is :Car value x Rate + VAT+ Registration

+ LVI Car = As per LVI tariff and option
+ LVI Km = As per LVI tariff  and option

IV. Exclusions
1. This Policy does not cover the damage caused by the driver without a driving license or driving license not related to the cathegory or driving under influence of alcohol or drugs.
2. For motorcycle, driver and passenger must wear a crash helmet when driving.
3. Any loss or damage caused by an act of terrorism are excluded.
4. The Third Party Liability does not cover the bodily injury  and the materials damage incurred to the Insured.
5. Any Liability recognition, any transaction without prior agreement of the Insurer will not be valid.
6. Other exclusions are clarified in LVI’s Motor Vehicles Insurance Wording.