Money insurance


 Scope of cover:
Money Insurance covers cash, cheques, any banks notes, currency notes, money orders, postal orders, current unused postage stamps etc while in transit, on the insured’s premises during business hours, out of business hours and not in a safe or strong room (nominal limit), in a bank night safe, in a locked safe or strong room out of business hours, in the private residence of any principal or an employees of the Insured (nominal limit), in the custody of collectors or travelers provided it is delivered to the Insured, banks or post office within 24 hours.
Coverage is on “all risk” basis including unexpected losses as the result of theft, stealing or robbery. The coverage is extended for damages to safes or strong rooms caused by theft, or bodily injury to employees or representative who may be attacked while handling or carrying money on behalf of the Insured, loss of or damage to employees’ clothing and personal effects in the course of theft or attempted theft, cost of opening safes or strong rooms following theft of keys.

Period of insurance
The period of insurance is one year in general. However, it can be shorter or longer at the Insured’s discretion.

Premium is calculated basing on risk assessment, loss prevention and restriction method of the Insured and the limit of insurance.