Small commercial Business


I. Subject to be insured
Properties including houses, house contents as furniture in the house, goods ....,Family liability.

II. Scope of coverage: The Insured can choose one of the following option below:








III. Sum Insured
Sum Insured is actual value of Building, Building contents, Machines, Raw materials, goods and merchandise, Manufactured or in the process of manufacturing. If the Sum insured of the property is more than 300.000 USD  and the Liability toward neighbors is more than 100.000 USD, Risk survey must be conducted by LVI before accepting the insurance.


IV. Premium rate

LVI does not accept to cover for wooden house.


V. Mode of calculation
1. Actual Premium = Premium rate above x Total of Sum Insured
2. VAT 10%  : 1 x 10%
3. Registration fee  :   3 = As bellow
4. Total Premium to be paid:  4 = 1+2+3

VI. Exclusions
- LVI / LVI does not cover loss or damage caused by excluded occurrences/perils as per clarified in LVI’s Small Commercial Business Policy.For example.
- Damage occasioned by war, invasion, act from foreign enemy, hostilities, or war-like operations (whether war be declared or not ), civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, riot, strike, civil commotion, act of terrorism, revolution, or military, or usurped power, martial law, or any of the events or causes which determined the proclamation of maintaining martial law….
- Terrorism action
- Nuclear weapons
- Theft during or after the occurrence of a fire
- Consequential loss or damage of any kind
- Other exclusions are clarified in the LVI’s Small Commercial Business wording.


VII. In case of accident, the insured must notify immediately LVI Tel: 020 2555666 & 020 99989666 - Marketing Hotline Tel: 020 23344666