Fire and Special Perils Insurance


I. Subject to be insured
Properties Insured include: Building, Contents, Machinery and Equipment, Goods…


II.Scope of coverage
LVI offers the insured detail of coverage and subject to the Insured’s choice as following:
1. A – Fire; Lightning directly to the property insured; Explosion of gas or boilers.  
2. B- Explosion
3. C - Aircraft and other aerial devices and/or articles dropped therefrom
4. D - Riot, strikers, locked-out workers.
5. E – Malicious damage
6. F - Earthquake or volcanic eruption, including flood or overflow of the sea occasioned thereby or subterranean fire.
7. G - Storm and tempests.
8. H - Storm, tempests and flood
9. I - Escape of water from any tank, apparatus or pipes.
10. J - Impact by any road vehicle or animal.
LVI /All coverage are clarified detail in LVI’s Fire and Special Perils Wording.


III.Sum Insured
- Sum Insured is the actual or new replacement or new value of:  Building, Contents, Machinery, Equipment and Goods


IV. Premium rate
Premium rate depends on  the type of risk, the insured industrial sectors and scope of coverage. It changes from 0,1% to 0,7% on total sum insured.


V.Total Premium = Sum Insured x Premium rate) + VAT 10% + Registration fee .


- LVI does not cover loss or damage caused by excluded occurrences/perils as per clarified in LVI’s Fire and Special Perils Policy. For example:
- Damage occasioned by war, invasion, act from foreign enemy, hostilities, or war-like operations (whether war be declared or not ), civil war, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, riot, strike, civil commotion, act of terrorism, revolution, or military, or usurped power, martial law, or any of the events or causes which determined the proclamation of maintaining martial law….
- action
- weapons
- Theft during or after the occurrence of a fire
- Consequential loss or damage of any kind
- LVI/Other exclusions are clarified in the LVI’s   Fire and Special Perils wording.